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Criminal Record History:
A convicted record may diqualify an applicant for emplyement. Relevant factors such as date, severity of the conviction and nature of the position sought will be taken into consideration. Declining or failing ot disclose all convictions on this application will result in rejection of the application or termination of employment.

Special Training and Skills: in a narrative form, describe your special skills, talents, volunteer work or training that would help us evaluate your application.
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Professional Certification: Please provide verification information for a professional certification.
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 I understand that a false statement or omission of facts and circumstances on this application and/or on other documents related to my qualifications and background, such as resume, vitae, etc., may be grounds for not hiring, or for terminating me after I begin employment. I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all statements ares correct, complete, current, and made in good faith and that I will attach information as necessary to meet this disclosure requirement.

I understand and agree that employment with Evergreen Country Club is governed by the principles of at-will employment, which means that at the option of Evergreen Country Club or me, employment or compensation can be terminated, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time. I understand that nothing in this application nor any other policies or statements of Evergreen Country Club or its representatives, whether written or oral, can modify this express condition of employment. I understand that no Evergreen Country Club representative except the General Manager is authorized to modify this condition and that I may not rely on any attempted modifications other than those specifically set forth in written by General Manager.

I understand that Evergreen Country Club is an equal opportunity employer that supports a commitment to being a drug-free workplace in all of its operations.

I understand and agree that my hours of work, assignments, etc., may be altered to meet the business needs of Evergreen Country Club.

I understand that I may be offered employment even though certain background checks and investigations, and checking of references may not have been completed. If such inquires establish information which in Evergreen Country Club's Cole discretion makes me unqualified, I understand that I will be terminated promptly.

I consent to the release of information to Evergreen Country Club from current and former employers, schools, law enforcement agencies, and other individuals and organizations. Such parties may rely upon this authorization as a waiver of any claim whatsoever I may have as a result of the party responding candidly to an inquiry from Evergreen Country Club.

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